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* note - you should always check your admin@ mailbox regularly as any system messages e.g. 'mailbox full' will be sent to this address.

Setting up your e-mail client to send and receive e-mail

(Before you can send and receive mail you first need to create your e-mail accounts on the DotNetted mail server, please click here for more information.)

There are numerous popular e-mail clients, this guide will take you through setting up a mail account in the most popular, Outlook Express - if you use a different e-mail client please consult the product documentation, though the process will be very similar.

Whichever e-mail client you use, you will need the following information :

Account Name : The full e-mail address for this mailbox
Password : Password chosen when mailbox was created
POP3 server :
SMTP server : As supplied by your ISP *

( * if your ISP does not supply an SMTP server you can send e-mail through DotNetted - see note below )

Setting up a new POP3 e-mail account in Outlook Express

Click on the 'Tools' menu and then 'Accounts'.

In the Internet Accounts dialogue box, click Add, and then click Mail.

In the Display Name box, type the name you want the recipient to see when you send a message, and then click Next.

In the E-mail Address box, type the e-mail address for the account you are setting up, and then click Next. (e.g.

Under E-mail Server Names, for incoming enter

Under E-mail Server Names, for outgoing enter the SMTP mail server address issued to you by your ISP. If your ISP doesn't supply an SMTP server enter

Click Next.

Under account name, enter the full email address for the mailbox that you are collecting (e.g.

Under password, enter the password for the mailbox you are collect from.

Put a tick in the remember password box to save typing it every time.

Click Next, Choose the type of Internet connection for the account.

Click Next and Click Finish.

Your account setup is now complete, if you are using your ISP's SMTP server you should now connect to the Internet and send a mail to yourself using the address you just set up to ensure all is working correctly.

If your ISP doesn't provide an SMTP server and you entered as your SMTP server above you have one more step to take to configure your account.

Using DotNetted as your outgoing (SMTP) server

If your ISP doesn't supply an SMTP server then you can send outgoing mail through DotNetted, however you will have to configure Authentication in your mail client using the same account name (username) and password as you used for POP3. (Authentication is an anti-spam measure to ensure that all outgoing mail uses a username and password).

To do this in Outlook take the following steps :

Click on 'Tools' menu and then 'Accounts'

Select the account that you have just set up

Click on the 'Properties' button on the right hand side

Once the account properties page has opened click on the 'Servers' tab

At the the bottom of this screen tick the 'My server requires authentication'

The 'Settings' button will come live, click on this and ensure 'use same settings as my incoming mail server' is selected.

Click 'Ok', 'Apply', 'Ok'  to leave the account setup screens

You are now ready to send and receive mail through DotNetted, send yourself a mail using the account you just created to ensure it's sent and received ok.


Our mailboxes do provide limited support for IMAP and this may be a better choice for you especially if checking mail from remote devices such as mobile phones where you want extended options such as leaving read mail on the server. Server names and login details are the same as for pop3 you just need to choose IMAP rather than pop3 on your device when setting up the account.

Spam / Unsolicited mail

Please note that as detailed in our Terms and Conditions / AUP we have a zero tolerance policy on Spam / unsolicited mail - deliberate abuse will lead to account termination and possible administration charges.

Spam is defined as any unsolicited mail sent promoting products or services, whether for profit or not, to a recipient that has not expressly agreed in advance to receive this information. Note that Spam is not necessarily bulk mail, a single unsolicited mail is still spam.

These terms apply to any mail sent through DotNetted servers AND any mail sent from any address advertising a domain resolving to DotNetted servers.

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