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Publishing your site with FrontPage / Visual Studio

FrontPage Extensions

FrontPage Extensions are a free option with DotNetted hosting accounts (Windows 2003 / IIS 6 only) - if you will be using FrontPage to publish your web site to our servers you should select this option when ordering your account - if you need the extensions added to an existing account please contact us to request the change.

Please do not request FrontPage extensions unless you will be using FrontPage to publish your site, installing FrontPage extensions changes permissions within the site and files uploaded via FTP may not function properly.

Once the extensions are installed you will be able to publish you webs / projects directly from FrontPage as follows :

Publishing with FrontPage

Open Microsoft FrontPage from the top menu click 'File' then 'Open Web' from the drop down menu and open the web that you wish to publish to the server.

Once your web is open in FrontPage from the top menu click 'File' then 'Publish Web'.

In the "Specify the location to publish your web to" field enter your full web site address e.g. and click 'Publish'.

In the 'Name' and 'Password' fields enter your DotNetted account username and password (as per FTP) and click 'OK'.

You'll now see various messages as your files are copied to the server, once complete you'll see the message 'Web site published successfully' - click 'Done'

Your web is now uploaded and you can view it in your browser

Publishing with Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .Net allows for a couple of different ways of publishing your projects to the server, you can publish the project files to the server using FTP or publish the project via FrontPage extensions (these need to be enabled on your account).

FrontPage Extensions are now a defunct technology as far as Microsoft are concerned and haven't been updated since 2002 - unless you are using a very old version of Visual Studio that doesn't support it you should publish via FTP

To publish your Visual Studio .NET project using the FrontPage extensions :

In Visual Studio .Net open the web project to be published.

Click 'Go to Project', 'Copy Project'

Enter the URL to your site e.g., or the location you want Visual Studio .NET to copy your project to in the Destination Project Folder.

For Web Access Method select 'FrontPage', 'Only files needed to run this application' and click 'OK' - you will need to enter your account username and password.

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