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Pre-installed Files

When you log into your hosting account for the first time you'll notice that there are a number of folders and files already created :


The private folder is, as the name suggests, a folder in which you can place items that you wish to keep private from your site visitors. This folder has had anonymous read permissions removed so items that you place in this folder cannot be downloaded over the Internet directly through a URL.

Your scripts will still be able to access and use the files but visitors cannot download them, this is the ideal place to store your Access databases or any other item that is part of your site but must be kept secure.


The aspnet_client folder contains JavaScript files that are used by the .NET runtime for client-side validation functionality when using the ASP.NET server validation controls.

If you do not plan on using these .NET controls this folder can be safely deleted but we would suggest leaving them in place in case they are required in the future.


Your .NET assemblies (.dll) should be placed in this folder.


This folder is in place ready for connection to our optional shared SSL certificate, if you request the shared certificate option for your account this folder will be mapped via a virtual directory to the secure domain.


This is just a holding page that is automatically inserted in to each hosting account at the time of creation, it just ensures that any visitors that visit your domain before you have uploaded your files will not receive an error message.

This file can be deleted when you are ready to upload your own files.


If you have chosen to have FrontPage extensions added to your account there will be many more folders and files already created, these are required for FrontPage to function and should not be deleted. This is only available on windows 2003

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