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* note - you should always check your admin@ mailbox regularly as any system messages e.g. 'mailbox full' will be sent to this address.

E-Mail Administration

When your hosting account is created we'll also create an e-mail account with admin privileges over your domain on the mail server, the account will be :


And the initial password will be the hosting account password (same as you use for FTP), using this login you can log into the SmarterMail web interface at the following URL :

And begin setting up your e-mail accounts on the server, by default you can set up 100 mailboxes and have 250 MB of e-mail storage space to split between your mailboxes, additional mailboxes and mail storage space can be purchased as an option.

When you first log in you will be shown the inbox for the admin@ mailbox (as well as being the administrative user for the domain admin@ is also a mailbox in it's own right).

Create a new user / mailbox

To create a new mail user (and mailbox) once logged in as admin click on the 'settings' link at the top of the page and select 'E-mail Accounts' from the drop down menu.

This will list the existing users and aliases, which will initially only be the admin, to add a new user / mailbox click on the 'Add User' link and you'll be taken to a form.

There are a number of different settings that can be chosen for the new user, the only fields absolutely required are the 'Username' and 'Password. for a full list of the settings and an explanation of what each setting does please see the online SmarterMail help system which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Help' link at the top of each page.

Creating additional domain administrators

Any of your users can also be nominated as a domain administrator and will then have the same options as your admin@ user. Be wary about giving out administrator permissions as any user with these permissions can delete users and mail from your domain.

E-Mail aliases

As well as your 100 users / mailboxes you also have the ability to create an unlimited number of e-mail aliases within your domain, aliases are pointers used to point an address to one of your existing user accounts. For example you could have a mailbox and create an alias pointing at the sales mailbox - then mail to either sales@ or info@ address will be routed to your sales mailbox.

Catchall account

Though it is possible to configure a catchall account for your account it is not created by default when your account is set up.

In the current climate of spam and viruses having a catchall is usually a bad idea - most junk mail is sent to random addresses at your domain and a catchall account will ensure that ALL of these are delivered to you, rather than bouncing as they should. By avoiding a catchall address you can probably exclude 90% of spam and viruses at a stroke.

If you do need to have a catchall on your account then you need to first create an alias and then (using the alias administration page) nominate this alias as the catchall for your account, this will then route all mail received at your domain, that is not addresses to a recognised user, to the address that you point this alias to.

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