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Domain Names

Each DotNetted hosting account will have one or more domain names associated with it, the following section details how these domain names are managed and what you need to do if transferring a domain to DotNetted :

New Domain Registration

If you asked us to register this domain for your when signing up for your hosting account then the domain would have been registered at the same time your account was created and will be live 24 - 48 hours later.

The new domain will be automatically associated with your hosting account and you don't need to do anything.

Transfer a .uk domain

If you wish to use your existing .uk domain with your hosting account you have two options :

1) Full domain transfer (recommended for .uk domains)

With a full transfer complete control of the domain is transferred to DotNetted and we will bill you for future renewals.

To transfer your .uk domain to DotNetted you just need to contact your current domain host / registrar and ask them to change the IPS Tag for the domain to ours, which is :


(They may provide a control panel to allow you to make this change yourself or you may need to contact them directly to request it).

Once the IPS Tag is changed we will be notified immediately by Nominet and will complete the transfer - your domain will then be resolving to your account with us in approximately 24 hours.

2) Nameserver change

With this method you leave overall control of your domain with your existing registrar / domain host and just change the nameservers for the domain to point to ours :

Primary Nameserver :
Secondary Nameserver :

(Your current registrar or domain host may provide a control panel to enable you to make this change yourself or you may need to contact them to request the change).

Your current registrar or domain host will continue to have overall authority over the domain and will bill you for renewals but all content and e-mail will be served by DotNetted.

The required DNS entries are automatically created for your domain name on our name servers when your account is set up so all you need to do is make the nameserver change and your domain will start to resolve to your account on our servers within the next 24 - 48 hours.

Transfer a non .uk domain

For non .uk domains we don't generally recommend a full transfer as the .com / .net transfer system has, because of some changes introduced at the end of 2004, become very complex and many attempted transfers fail.

For all non .uk domains we would instead recommend, where possible, leaving the domain with your current domain registrar and just change the nameservers to ours as detailed above.

However, if you have to transfer a non-uk domain this can be done - please contact our support department letting them know the domain to be transferred and they will go through the process with you in more detail.

If you have problems

Transferring domains is a relatively simple procedure but because of the idiosyncrasies of certain registrars it can sometimes be a frustrating experience for the domain owner.

If you have any problems in transferring your domains please contact us including the name of the domain and a description of the problem you're having and we'll help you to complete the process successfully.

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