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Default Documents

For your site to load automatically when visited your account must include (in the root) one of the document types that we have designated as 'index' pages.

These document types are as follows :

1) default.aspx   2) index.aspx   3) default.asp   4) index.asp
5) default.shtml   6) index.shtml   7) default.wml   8) index.wml
9) default.html   10) index.html   11) default.htm   12) index.htm

This is also the correct order of priority so if you have pages in your site root called, for example, index.asp and index.htm then index.asp is the page that will be loaded.

When naming pages please use the correct suffix for the page type :

.aspx   .NET script
.asp   ASP script
.shtml   Server side include
.wml   Wireless mobile (WAP)
.htm / .html   HTML only pages

As using script based suffixes ( .aspx / .asp / .shtml ) on pages where they're not required uses additional server resources and will slightly delay page delivery times as the pages need to be parsed by IIS before delivery - .htm and .html pages are delivered direct to the visitor without parsing.

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