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Script to send mail using ASP

All outgoing mail sent from DotNetted customer sites must be routed through our mailserver using authentication to provide additional security and guard against abuse - for this reason the SMTP service is not installed on our web servers so CDONTS and CDOSYS are not available to your .asp scripts for sending mail.

Instead we provide the very popular and reliable AspEmail component from Persits to enable you to send mail from your ASP scripts. AspEmail is totally reliable, offers many additional features over CDO and typically uses a lot less code to do the same job.

Full information on AspEmail as well as many sample scripts and the full object reference can be found on the authors web site :

Simple ASP Script to send mail using AspEmail

The following is a very basic script to send a mail from an .asp page (we will build on this mail in the next scripting example to retrieve and e-mail information from a form). Note that lines starting ' are explanatory only - these lines are not parsed by the server.


' First Step is to create the AspEmail message object
Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")

' Set the from address - replace value within the quotes with your own
Mail.From = ""

' Add the e-mail recipient address - again replace value within the quotes with your own
Mail.AddAddress ""

' Set the subject for the e-mail
Mail.Subject = "Test mail via AspEmail"

' Create the body text for the e-mail
Mail.Body = "This mail was sent via AspEmail"

' The mail server requires that we authenticate so supply username and password
Mail.Username = ""
Mail.Password = "password"

' The e-mail is now ready to go, we just need to specify the server and send
Mail.Host = ""

' Mail is sent - tidy up and delete the AspEmail message object
Set Mail = Nothing


That's it - you just need to substitute your own values where required and you should be able to copy this script to your account and send your first e-mail.

Note that as we use authentication the 'Mail.From' e-mail address must be a live user on our mailserver and should match the address used for the 'Mail.Username'.


This is a very basic script, for more information and the additional options available within AspEmail please visit the authors web site :

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